Christmas Trees

Family History:

The Central Coast Flower Hut is a family owned business run by theMichael Dominello and family. The Central Coast Flower Hut has been situated and selling Christmas trees on the Central Coast for over 35years.

Christmas tree type and background:

Our Christmas trees are purchased from the trusted and renowned Merlino Monterey Pine farms in Oberon. During the early weeks in December, and right up until Christmas Eve, Christmas trees are brought from the three Merlino Monterey Pine farms in Oberon.

These plantations in Oberon produce excellent quality Monterey Pines. The pines offer straightness and uniformity which lends well to their use as the most perfect Christmas tree.

The Monterey pine tree also known as Pinus radiata is a versatile, fast-growing, medium-density softwood, suitable for a wide range of end-uses and makes especially good Christmas trees.

Cut Christmas trees:

Christmas trees in pots:

Monterey Pine Potted Christmas Trees are grown and will continue to live in the pot. The potted trees need to be watered regularly and re-potted in a larger pot every two years. Alternatively the tree can be planted in the ground.

The Christmas trees pots are available in a variety of sizes and come in small, medium and large.


A Christmas tree stand is designed to support your cut Christmas tree and have a trough to hold water and nourish your Christmas tree so that it does not dry out. Christmas stands are great to use because they have : An extra wide base to stabilise your cut Christmas tree. Centering blades (screws) for alignment of your Christmas tree. Overflow trough to hold water.